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Brookfield AMETEK

Cosmetic Accessories


Dual Extrusion Cell for either forward or backward extrusion of lotions, creams and other similar products.

Fixture base table required.


Hair Compatibility Fixture measures the effect of products, such as shampoo and conditioner, on the combability of hair.


Lipstick Cantilever Test Fixture allows imitative tests on lipstick and similar products to quantify strength of product.

Fixture base table required.


Eye Pencil Test Fixture measures hardness of cosmetic pencil tips for eye or lip lining products and can also be used for artistic type pencil tips.

Fixture base table required.


Standard Probe Kit has variety of cylindrical (8), cone (3), ball (2), needle (1), knife-edge (1), and wire cutting (1) probes. Complies with BS and AACC.


Spread Test Fixture quantifies the spread force of a material. Comes with 1 male cone probe, 5 five samples cups and 1 sample cup holder.

Fixture base table required.


The squeezing force to extrude creams and ointments is quantified using a support fixture to hold the tube in place while pressing down with a finger-shaped blade.

Fixture base table required.