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Brookfield AMETEK

Materials Accessories


Junior Punch Fixture is for punching through flat samples; 12.7mm max. diameter probe. Hole in fixture is 14mm.

Rotary base table required.


Pizza Tensile Fixture quantifies cooked pizza firmness by measuring the tensile force and deformation distance to break sample


Roller Cam Accessory Grips measure the tensile strength and tear characteristics of material such as polymer films.


Adjustable Vice Fixture for holding small samples for puncture tests. Good for jelly beans, gum drops, etc.

Rotary base table required.


Dual Grip Assembly for tensile testing of thin films or integrity of seals.


Film Support Fixture for puncture test to measure strength of fine films.

Fixture base table required.


Adhesive Tack Tester for measuring stickiness of pressure sensitive adhesive materials such as aluminum foil tape.

Rotary base table required.


Back Extrusion Cell for measuring consistency of applesauce, pudding, yogurt or similar products.

Rotary base table required.


Eye Pencil Test Fixture measures hardness of cosmetic pencil tips for eye or lip lining products and can also be use for artistic type pencil tips.

Fixture base table required.


Standard Probe Kit has variety of cylindrical (8), cone(3), ball (2), needle (1), knife-edge (1), and wire cutting (1) probes. Complies with BS and AACC.


Loop Tack Test measures the adhesive strength of pressure sensitive tape and stickers according to ASTM D6195.


Tape Stickiness Fixture measures adhesive force to pull tape off of a surface. Multiple tape samples can be tested simultaneously for average value.


Adhesive Tack Tester for measuring the stickiness of pressure sensitive adhesives such as tape or labels.


General Peeling Jig measures the adhesive strength needed to remove the lid from a sealed container at 0°, 45° and 90° angles.


90° Peel Fixture measures the adhesive strength to pull a tape off of a rigid surface using force at a 90° angle.