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Brookfield AMETEK

Pharmaceutical Accessories


Dual Extrusion Cell for either forward or back extrusion of fruit puree, pudding, yogurt or similar products.

Fixture base table required.


Multiple Probe Assembly consisting of nine 3mm probes and base plate. Designed to hold nine small samples of irregular geometry such as peas, corn, nuts or dried fruit.

Fixture base table required.


Dual Grip Assembly for tensile testing of thin films or integrity of seals.


Film Support Fixture for puncture test to measure strength of fine films.

Fixture base table required.


Adhesive Tack Tester for measuring stickiness of pressure sensitive adhesive materials such as aluminum foil tape.

Rotary base table required.


Syringe Test Fixture for measuring the force required to push or pull syringe plunger. Important to pre-filled syringe market or manufacturers of custom syringe products.

Fixture base table required.


Blister Pack Support Fixture is used to measure the force required to remove the tablet from its blister pack.

Fixture base table required.


Meter Does Inhaler Fixture measures the push-button force to actuate the inhaler.

Fixture base table required.


Table Coating Adhesion Fixture measures the adhesion force of a tablet coating to a tablet.

Fixture base table required.


Capsule Loop Tensile Test Fixture is used to measure the force required to split one half of a hard gel capsule.

Fixture base table required.


Muco Adhesion Test Fixture quantifies tablet adhesiveness to a mucosal surface by simulating body and temp conditions and force needed to pull tablet away from surface.


Bilayer Shear Test Fixture uses guillotine blade to separate bilayer tablet while measuring shear strength.

Fixture base table required.


Standard Probe Kit has variety of cylindrical (8), cone(3), ball (2), needle (1), knife-edge (1), and wire cutting (1) probes. Complies with BS and AACC.


Raft Tester measures alginate raft strength by pulling a wire raft hook out the a sample material.