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Obtaining Accurate & Precise Moisture-Specific Results

Monday, January 30, 2017 | AMETEK Brookfield
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Stephanie Blaha, Senior Account Representative from Arizona Instrument LLC talks to AZoM about the Computrac Vapor Pro XL, a chemical free alternative to Karl Fischer titration that allows users to gather accurate and repeatable moisture-specific readings.

From’s insights from industry interview on 1/30/17 with Stephanie Blaha, Senior Account Representative at Arizona Instrument LLC. Read the interview on or below.

MR: Please give a brief explanation about the work you do at Arizona Instrument LLC:

SB: At Arizona Instrument LLC I educate our customers about the different types of Computrac® moisture analyzers we offer and help them discover which will best fit their needs according to their plastic resin specifications.

As a part of our service, we provide assistance for resin program development as well as training on moisture analyzers. We also provide technical assistance to new and seasoned users of our Computrac brand of moisture analyzers.

MR: What are the main features and benefits of the Vapor Pro XL?

SB: The Computrac® Vapor Pro® XL (VPXL) is our newest moisture analyzer. It is a chemical free alternative to Karl Fischer titration that lets users obtain accurate and precise moisture-specific readings according to ASTM D7191, Determination of Moisture in Plastics by Relative Humidity Sensor.


The instrument does not require toxic reagents or expensive glassware, and does not need to be operated by specially trained chemists. Some of the main features of the Vapor Pro XL include:

  • An all new, user-friendly touchscreen interface
  • An upgraded heater that allows for testing at 300°C (essential for high heat polymers like PEI and PEEK)
  • Increased memory storage capacity,
  • Stepped temperature testing capabilities for enhanced method development
  • Compatibility with multiple sizes of crimp top vials
  • Flexible ending criteria to optimize performance and test results
  • Improved repeatability and accuracy

MR: How does the Vapor Pro XL compare to Karl Fischer titration? Is there a difference in results?

SB: The Vapor Pro XL correlates well with Karl Fischer. Comparative tests show that the Vapor Pro XL produces tighter standard deviations and lower coefficients of variation for many materials.

Our goal at Arizona Instrument is for our users to experience a seamless transition from a Karl Fischer analyzer to the Vapor Pro XL.

MR: For high temperature engineering plastics such as PEEK and PEI, how is the Vapor Pro XL a benefit?

SB: The Vapor Pro XL is able to reach temperatures as high as 300°C, which is necessary for testing high heat polymers like PEI and PEEK.

These specially formulated, heat resistant plastics need higher temperatures to drive off all of the moisture during analysis.


MR: Why is the Vapor Pro XL a good fit for other applications like pharmaceuticals and machinery lubrication?

SB: The Vapor Pro XL is a good fit for a variety of industries because it correlates well to Karl Fischer but is much more user friendly and does not require hazardous chemical reagents or expensive glassware. It is ideal for nearly any application from plastics and medical devices to pharmaceuticals, machinery lubrication, food, batteries and more.

For pharmaceuticals, one of the main advantages of the Vapor Pro XL, is that it can test samples in most crimp top vials from 2R to 30R, meaning that the samples can be tested without removing them from their containers. This is especially important for lyophilized pharmaceutical products and other hygroscopic materials. The Vapor Pro XL also has a stepped temperature testing capability that is useful for method development.

For machinery lubrication products like motor oils, greases and thicker additives, the Vapor Pro XL is a good fit because it is easier to use and maintain than Karl Fischer, which can sometimes take a long time to dissolve thicker samples and must be cleaned between each test.


MR: How will the Vapor Pro XL help for moisture analysis in plastics?

SB: The Vapor Pro XL is perfect for users who need an analytical, solvent free, water-specific moisture analysis method for plastics. It is water-specific, so when testing a plastic, the sensor detects only the water; the analysis is not affected by any volatiles in the sample.

With the new stepped temperature feature, users can quickly identify the proper analysis temperature even for materials that they have never tested before.

The Vapor Pro XL is accurate down to 10 ppm so it is suitable for testing even the most challenging, low moisture samples. In most cases operators can be up and running and producing useful results on the VPXL in about an hour.

MR: Where can readers go to find out more?

SB: To learn more about Arizona Instrument and the Vapor Pro XL you can visit us online You can also contact us online, email us at or give us a call at (602) 362-4507.

About Stephanie Blaha


In 2016 Stephanie celebrated her 9 year anniversary with Arizona Instrument LLC. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of moisture analysis with an emphasis on moisture analysis in the plastics industry.

Throughout her time at AZI, Stephanie has exceled in her role as Senior Account Representative, providing a high level of service and support to everyone she works with.

She consistently helps customers overcome their most difficult moisture challenges, helping them to improve overall quality and throughput while reducing waste.

A native of Pennsylvania, Stephanie relocated to Arizona in 1982 but still supports the Steelers every chance she gets.

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