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USA Training Programs

AMETEK Brookfield offers a popular, single-day course both in Middleboro, MA and also in many locations throughout the United States.

This single-day course is designed to help you get the most out of your AMETEK Brookfield viscometer and rheometer measurements by providing you with information, activities, and techniques that you can easily understand and use.

Our 85+ years of worldwide experience in viscosity measurement and control allow us to offer courses that meet your method and application needs. The instructors are just like you: everyday users of viscosity instrumentation, along with the hands-on and theoretical knowledge to help you with one of your most important concerns--viscosity. Our staff has 50+ years combined experience in techniques, methods, and industry know-how to help you achieve full utilization of your Brookfield instrumentation. Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced user looking to better understand viscosity, we provide relevant, customized courses to assist you.

Course Content

  • How to Use a Viscometer to Measure Viscosity
  • The Importance of Instrument Calibration
  • Rheology: Why Fluids Change Their Flow Behavior and Why You Need to Understand It
  • Test Method Development: How to Write a Method Everyone Can Live With and Use
  • Data Interpretation: What All the Viscosity Data Really Means
Bring your product for us to test (MSDS required) at Brookfield. Contact our training department for details.


At AMETEK Brookfield and Major US Cities (Scheduled Classroom Training):
Fee: $700 per person, per day 

At Your Facility (On Request Classroom Training):
Fee: $1,500/day, plus travel expenses*

(Scheduled Training):
Fee: $700 per person, per day

Online (On Request Training):
Fee: $1,500/day
Please note that courses may be cancelled within one week of scheduled date. Courses are only cancelled in the event of a low number of course sign-ups and registrations but will be rescheduled. You will be notified in the event of a cancellation.

*Prices are subject to change. The prices listed go into effect on January 1, 2021.

Computrac and Jerome Training

Site-specific training programs on either the Computrac® or Jerome® line of analyzers are specifically designed to meet the needs of the company or of the audience. Available topics include operation, maintenance, quality control, error messages, and calibration. Training programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of different audiences, even within one site. For example:

  • An operator training program centers upon daily operation, routine maintenance, and commonly encountered problems

  • A service training program focuses on calibration, servicing, error messages and troubleshooting

  • A management training program details quality control, inter-unit correlation and parameter development

These programs are developed individually for each site to help our customers achieve the maximum benefit from the Computrac® moisture analyzers or Jerome® toxic vapor analyzers. Sessions can be scheduled to cover both evening and night shifts for maximum effectiveness.


For Immediate assistance,
Call 1-508-946-6200 (US ET)
Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM