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CT3 Standard Probe Kit

The Brookfield standard probe kit comes with a wide range of probes to suit almost every test application.
ct3 probekit_small

Includes the following probes:
  • 60 degree cone 30mm dia
  • 12.7mm cylindrical w/rounded edge
  • 60mm wide clear acrylic w/knife edge
  • 1.0mm dia needle probe 43mm long
  • 12.7mm cylindrical w/sharp edge (AACC std for bloom test)
  • 25.4mm dia cylindrical w/sharp edge 35mm long
  • 45 degree cone 30mm dia
  • 30 degree cone 24mm dia
  • 12.7mm dia ball probe
  • 50.8mm dia cylindrical w/rounded edge 20mm long
  • 0.33mm cutting wire in 40mm wide aluminum frame
  • 2mm cylindrical probe 20mm long
  • 38.1mm cylindrical w/rounded edge 20mm long
  • 6mm cylindrical probe 35mm long
  • 25.4mm dia ball probe
  • 4mm dia cylindrical probe
  • storage case
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