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Repair Services UK

Please note that Brookfield recommends returning your instrument to us on annual basis for our Calibration and Certification Service to help maintain consistent readings. If you suspect that your instrument is out of calibration, we suggest you verify this by downloading our calibration template before returning it for service. Should you have questions on how to use this document, please feel free to contact our Technical Service Department.

You may return your instrument to our workshop in Harlow, Essex facility or you may want to consider having our trained technicians perform service at your facility through our On-site Service program. On-site service is beneficial to customers with multiple instruments or those who cannot afford to be without their instrument for any length of time.

A Special Note for Users of Thermosel Containers/Controllers and Helipath Stands: If you are not experiencing a problem with these accessories, they should not be returned with the instrument for repair.

What Should You Return? If you are using a Cone/Plate instrument, all cones and cups used with that instrument need to be included. If you are using a standard Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer, all LV disk spindles and RV/HA/HB disk spindles should be sent so that we may check and straighten if necessary. All instruments should be returned in their carrying cases. Laboratory stands do not need to be returned unless you are experiencing a problem with them.

How to Return Instruments
Download our Viscometer Return Form
Follow the instructions for packaging carefully.
Fill in all required information.
Return the form with the instrument being shipped for service.
How Long Will Repairs Take? Generally, most repairs are turned around within 48 hours from the day it is received at our workshop in Harlow. If you cannot be without an instrument for that period of time, we suggest you consider requesting a loan instrument from us as a temporary replacement while repairs are being performed.

Loan Instruments are available from Brookfield should you need a temporary replacement while yours is in for service. Please contact Brookfield Viscometers UK for pricing and availability.  Please note that now is the right time to replace your viscosity standard fluids or purchase a vis-cal kit. Brookfield recommends that you replace your viscosity standards on an annual basis.

If you still have questions on what to do, please contact us by phone 01279 451774, fax 01279 451775 or email

For Immediate assistance,
Call 1-508-946-6200 (US ET)
Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM