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Rapid Moisture Analysis for Foods

Optimize processes and deliver consistent quality

Maybe you’re serious about snacks. Or nuts about nuts. Maybe you’re all about oils. Or perhaps baked goods are your bread and butter. Whatever the case, you know that accurate moisture control is critical to the success of your food products. The Computrac® family of moisture analyzers will enable you to quickly obtain reliable, repeatable moisture content results, independent of operator skill.

If you currently use a standard oven, vacuum oven, or Karl Fischer titration to test your products’ moisture content, give us a call. Our experienced team of analytical chemists and applications consultants will help you find the solution that’s right for your product, your application, and your business.

  • Expert Application Support:

    Free sample testing and free application development for as long as you own your Computrac.

  • Accurate:

    Correlate testing to your preferred reference method, including standard oven, vacuum oven, and Karl Fischer.

  • Durable:

    All Computrac moisture analyzers are made in the USA and designed to deliver lab precision with production durability.

  • Fast:

    Up to 100 times faster than standard oven reference methods.

  • Simple:

    One button operation enables accurate moisture readings, no matter who runs the test.

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