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Small Sample Adapter

for limited sample volume
SSA spindle with accessories 201x583

The Small Sample Adapter (SSA), consisting of a cylindrical sample chamber and spindle, provides a defined geometry system for accurate viscosity measurements of small sample volumes in the order of 2 to 16 mL at precise shear rates. The Small Sample Adapter's rheologically correct cylindrical geometry provides extremely accurate viscosity measurements and shear rate determinations.  The design of the SSA allows the sample chamber to be easily changed and cleaned without disturbing the set-up of the viscometer or temperature bath. This means that successive measurements can be made under identical conditions.  The sample chamber fits into a flow jacket so that precise temperature control can be achieved when a Brookfield circulating temperature bath is used. Direct readout of sample temperature is provided using sample chambers with embedded RTD temperature sensors connected to the DV1 (w/temperature option), DV2T, or the DV3T Ultra. Working temperature range for the SSA is from 1°C to 100°C.




  • For rheological evaluation of materials where sample volume is limited
  • Sample chamber easily changed
  • Optional disposable chamber also available
  • Water jacket allows rapid and precise temperature control of sample
  • Simultaneous sample temperature measurement is possible by ordering embedded temperature probe in sample chamber



Disposable chambers for hard-to-clean materials and were designed to save clean-up time. Kit comes complete with 100 chambers and special size water jacket, Part No. SSA-DCU, and is available only for 13R Chamber. Additional chambers available in quantities of 100, Part No. SC4-13RD-100. 


The Small Sample Adapter is also available to purchase with a magnetic spindle couple system. This option allows spindles to be quickly attached and removed, and may also help prevent against damage that can occur from frequent spindle changes or multiple users. Please contact Brookfield or an authorized dealer for additional details and part numbers.

  • Overview +

    What's Included
    Water Jacket
    Mounting Bracket with Hardware
    Choice of one SC4 Spindle*
    Choice of one SC4 Sample Chamber*
    Storage Case

    *Specify when ordering.
  • Specifications +

    Small Sample Adapter Viscosity Ranges cP (mPa·s)
    MODEL Spindle: SC4-21
    Sample Chamber:* SC4-13R(P)
    Sample Volume: 7.1mL
    Shear Rate (sec-1): .93N
    Spindle: SC4-27
    Sample Chamber:* SC4-13R(P)
    Sample Volume: 10.4mL
    Shear Rate (sec-1): .34N
    Spindle: SC4-15
    Sample Chamber:* SC4-7R(P)
    Sample Volume: 3.8mL
    Shear Rate (sec-1): .48N
    Spindle: SC4-28
    Sample Chamber:* SC4-13R(P)
    Sample Volume: 11.0mL
    Shear Rate (sec-1): .28N
    Spindle: SC4-29
    Sample Chamber:* SC4-13R(P)
    Sample Volume: 13.5mL
    Shear Rate (sec-1): .25N
    Spindle: SC4-14
    Sample Chamber:* SC4-6R(P)
    Sample Volume: 2.1mL
    Shear Rate (sec-1): .40N
    DV3TLV*** Not applicable for historical reasons.  However, it is possible
    DV2TLV**** to use the above spindles with any of these instruments.
    DV1MLV Digital Viscometers/Rheometers will automatically calculate
    LVDVE viscosity.  Please contact Brookfield or an authorized dealer
    LVT if you require information on viscosity range.
    DV3TRV*** 20-500K 100-2.5M 200-5M 200-5M 400-10M 500-12.5M
    DV2TRV**** 25-500K 125-2.5M 250-5M 250-5M 500-10M 625-12.5M
    DV1RV 50-170K 250-830K 500-1.7M 500-1.7M 1K-3.3M 1.25K-4.2M
    RVDVE 50-170K 250-830K 500-1.7M 500-1.7M 1K-3.3M 1.25K-4.2M
    RVT 50-100K 250-500K 500-1M 500-1M 1K-2M 1.25K-2.5M
    DV3THA*** 40-1M 200-5M 400-10M 400-10M 800-20M 1K-25M
    DV2THA**** 50-1M 250-5M 500-10M 500-10M 1K-20M 1.25K-25M
    DV1HA 100-300K 500-1.7M 1K-3.3M 1K-3.3M 2K-6.7M 2.5K-8.3M
    HADVE 100-300K 500-1.7M 1K-3.3M 1K-3.3M 2K-6.7M 2.5K-8.3M
    HAT 100-200K 500-1M 1K-2M 1K-2M 2K-4M 2.5K-5M
    DV3THB*** 160-4M 800-20M 1.6K-40M 1.6K-40M 3.2K-80M 4K-100M
    DV2THB**** 200-4M 1K-20M 2K-40M 2K-40M 4K-80M 5K-100M
    DV1HB 400-1.3M 2K-6.7M 4K-13.3M 4K-13.3M 8K-26.7M 10K-33.3M
    HBDVE 400-1.3M 2K-6.7M 4K-13.3M 4K-13.3M 8K-26.7M 10K-33.3M
    HBT 400-800K 2K-4M 4K-8M 4K-8M 8K-16M 10K-20M
    M=1 million K=1 thousand N=RPM e.g. Spindle SC4-18 1.32x10(rpm)=13.2 sec-1 cP=centipoise mPa·s=Millipascal·seconds
    N/A=Not applicable for historical reasons. However, it is possible to use any spindle/chamber combination with any torque range. Digital viscometers/rheometers will automatically calculate viscosity.
    ** Disposable chamber available in 13R size and requires SC4-45YD water jacket
    *** Ranges also apply to previous “DV-III” series Rheometers
    ****Ranges also apply to previous “DV-II” series Rheometers
    SC4-13R Sample Chamber
    SC4-13RPY Sample Chamber with RTD temperature probe and cable to viscometer/rheometer
    SC4-27 Stainless Steel Spindle
    SC4-13RP Sample Chamber with RTD temperature probe
    SC4-13RD-100 Disposable Sample Chamber available in packages of 100
    SC4-27D Disposable Spindle
    Note: Solid shaft spindles available: SC4-27SD, SC4-28SD, SC4-29SD. Hastelloy C available for some spindles/chambers-call for details.
  • Options +

    Disposable Sample Chambers
    Magnetic Spindle Coupling Option
  • Downloads +

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