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Moisture Testing for In-Service Lubricants

A Chemical-Free Alternative to Karl Fischer

Accurate control of moisture in lubricating oils is critical to keeping your most important machines in optimal condition, but historically there have been few good options for measuring moisture content. The “crackle test” is easy, but not accurate enough to keep modern machines running at their best. Karl Fischer titration is very accurate, but difficult to use, expensive to operate, and requires hazardous chemical reagents.

The Computrac® Vapor Pro® XL provides a better method for measuring moisture content in lubricants, combining the precision and accuracy of Karl Fischer titration with the ease of use of the crackle test. The Vapor Pro XL delivers moisture-specific results quickly and without the use of hazardous and expensive chemical reagents or glassware. Further, no special training or education is needed to operate the VPXL; just push the button and go.

Whether your critical piece of equipment is a haul-truck engine, a power plant turbine, or something altogether unique, give us a call. Our team of analytical chemists and application experts will help you find the right moisture measurement solution for your application.

  • Proven:

    Conforms to ASTM method D7546-15 Standard test method for determination of moisture in new and in service lubricating oils and additives.

  • Accurate:

    A lower detection limit of 10 parts per million (10ppm) ensures you get the information you need to keep any kind of oil in its optimum operating range.

  • No Reagents:

    Get moisture-specific readings without expensive and hazardous wet-chemical reagents.

  • Simple:

    No special training needed. Get results you can trust independent of operator skill.

  • Fast:

    Get moisture content results in minutes, even for saturated samples.

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