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Why Choose Brookfield for Texture Analysis

Our long standing history as the world leader in viscosity provided us with the background necessary to build the texture analysis line.
With over 40 years experience in texture analysis, from the Boucher Jelly Tester to the Stevens range of Analyzers, Brookfield's Texture Division provides customers with a complete texture assessment service. We specialize in the development of novel and innovative test applications and accessories for solid and semi-solid materials, enabling our customers to maximize the practical value of their texture studies within all test environments.  Our history, as the world leader in viscosity measurement and control, has helped us build a solid foundation to nurture the development of the line and to be able to provide outstanding customer service and after-sales support.

Utilizing simple compression or tension forces, we are able to imitate almost all conditions imposed during the manufacture or handling of a wide range of foods, industrial materials and personal care products. Such measures provide a "real life" insight into the physical properties of a product, often invaluable in maintaining consistent quality manufacture while minimizing rejects in production.
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