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Software Upgrades

PowderPro Flow Software
PowderPro Flow 1.3.23 (for 64-bit computers)
PowderPro Flow 1.3.23 (for 32-bit computers)

Rheo3000 Software

Rheo3000 v2.3.11  (May 2023)
(This will work with Rheo3000 v2 versions only! Flexera activation)

Rheo3000 v2.1.1103 (May 2018)
(This will work with Rheo3000 v2 versions only! Brookfield license file or key activation)

Rheo3000 1.2.2025 (October 2014)
(This will work with Rheo3000 v1 versions only! Brookfield license file activation)

Rheo3000 Update process:
  • We recommend to Backup the Rheo3000 databases first.
  • Close ALL applications -> close Rheo3000 primarily !!!
  • Execute the update file "Patch_00xxxxxxxx.exe" as Administrator local on the PC where Rheo3000 is installed
  • The target path (filled automatic) should be something like "C:\Program Files\Rheo3000\2.0.0"    (normally it does not need to be changed)
  • Now push Start button and replace all files
  • Wait till update is finished

RheocalcT Software
RheocalcT 1.2.19 (for 64-bit computers)
RheocalcT 1.2.19 (for 32-bit computers)

Rheovision Software
Rheovision 3.0.24 (for 64-bit computers)
Rheovision 3.0.24 (for 32-bit computers)

TexturePro CT Software
TexturePro CT 1.9.35 (for 64-bit computers)
TexturePro CT 1.9.35 (for 32-bit computers)

Wingather SQ Software
Wingather SQ 4.0.7 (for 64-bit computers)
Wingather SQ 4.0.7 (for 32-bit computers)
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