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Calibration and Repair

Brookfield Instruments are known for their reliable performance, ease of use, flexibility and long lifespan.  Whether you own a Brookfield Dial Viscometer or a DV3T Touch Rheometer, we are happy to help you keep your Brookfield running at top performance to help you consistently deliver quality products always.

Our team of experienced, well-trained, certified service technicians are committed to support your service needs with an unmatched service program at our ISO certified facility in Middleboro, MA.  With every viscometer sent to our facility for service, here is how we ensure quality performance:

  1. Replacement of the pivot point and jewel bearing.  If the instrument has a ball-bearing shaft, ball-bearings are replaced if needed.
  2. Checking the shaft and replacement if necessary.
  3. Checking the spindles for thread wear and shaft straightness.
  4. Checking the pivot cup thumbscrew hole for wear.
  5. Checking all bearings, lube and grease as needed.
  6. If accessories are sent, they are checked for fit, wear and alignment.
  7. Set and verify calibration against an ISO certified Master Viscometer.
  8. Generate and print the following sample documents for your record:

Brookfield Service Warranty: All serviced Brookfield instruments are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials.  If you feel there is an issue with your instrument, return it within 30 days from date of repair and it will be evaluated.  If found to be defective in workmanship or materials, it will be repaired without charge.  

How To Return Instruments
All USA customers may click on the Return Authorization for a self-guided process to help you send your instruments for service to our ISO certified Middleboro, USA.  Alternatively, you can contact our service department at 1-800-628-8139 to obtain a return authorization number. Prior to shipping your instrument, please be sure to fill out and send in the appropriate return form for each instrument that needs servicing.

Laboratory Instrument Return Form
Process Instrument Return Form

For detailed instructions on what to send and how to properly package and ship your instrument, please click here.

  1. All repair transactions require a purchase order or credit card for payment.
  2. Credit card payments will be transacted after the unit is repaired.  DO NOT include your credit card number with the viscometer shipment (electronic security measures).
  3. The purchase order should be included with the instrument when shipped to AMETEK Brookfield (or provided by email in advance).
  4. Purchase orders should be written with “VALUE NOT TO EXCEED $850.00”. If the service charge is over $850.00, we will contact you for a change to the purchase order.
  5. Purchase order requirements include:
  • Issued on company letterhead (or form)
  • Issued in the name of: AMETEK Brookfield
  • Payment Terms: N30
  • Freight Terms: FOB-Middleboro MA
  • Value not to Exceed $850.00
  • Valid customer BILL TO address
  • Valid customer SHIP TO address
  • Serial number of unit to be serviced
  • Order Ref # or Incident # if available


NOTE: We do not sell service parts or authorize any re-sellers, distributors or 3rd parties to service Brookfield Instruments in the USA.  If you need onsite service, please visit our On-site section for contact information.

For Immediate assistance,
Call 1-508-946-6200 (US ET)
Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM